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Make ‘time’ work for ‘you’ with PBS

With continued pressure from ever growing competition, optimizing resources and maximizing productivity is ubiquitously encouraged.

Effective time-management of a workforce through PBS assists your organization in comprehensively analyzing your return
 on invested man-hours.

Regardless of the number of locations your organization is present in, you’ll find that our unique configurable rule-based engine of PBS makes it easier to handle complex attendance logics and overtime calculations through a single-integrated platform.


Key Features

Integration with any biometric attendance device

Our Cloud based HCM can be integrated with any biometric device and has the ability to read varied input formats. Your employee’s card swipe details are automatically transferred from the biometric device to the HRMS system. It’s on a real time basis and also available on customization.

The best part is that this reduces errors by removing manual interventions and also enhances overall accuracy with regards to biometric data.


Rule-based Configuration

Our HRMS provides flexibility in scheduling based on skills, availability, preferences, and proficiency level. You can create customized employee groups based on holidays, leave, shifts, and tag specific attendance policies to them. It’s all easily manageable.

Workflow Notifications & Reporting

Workflow notifications and approval process is fully customizable and automatically routes approval notifications with a real-time notification ticker on the manager’s/approver’s dashboard. Escalation matrix can also be applied in order to skip any level.

For an administrator, it is important that how easily they have access to various reports they need to analyse employee activity and monitor return on invested man-hours through a series of consolidated and easy-to-use reports. Mentioned below are a few of the many important (daily/monthly) attendance reports that you can generate with our HRMS tool.

Employee daily attendance report

Late In/Early Out report

Overtime report

Leave report

Monthly Productivity report

All reports can be customized based on the inputs you want to see.

Employee Self-Service portal

Empower your employees with self-service portal which allows them to view their time and attendance details such as leave applied, approved, pending or rejected attendance requests for the entire year through an intuitive dashboard on their self-service portal. Apart from that, employees have the option of applying various attendance requests includes-

The ESS portal is mobile-supported and allows your employees accessibility from anywhere at any time; and within minutes, apply for any of the above attendance requests.

Punch In/Out

Leave Request

Compensation Off

Shift Change

Over Time

Attendance regularization



We Provide Preeminent Business Sol.

Here at Preeminent Business Solutions, we understand your business priorities and know that focused and dedicated team of employees is essential for a flourishing business. Suitable workforce and keeping them happy can help grow a business leaps and bounds.

This is where we come in the picture to let your management work to get the results while we take care of your Workforce and Remuneration requirements systematically and efficiently. We offer quality and viable services.

Our Parent Company Nexcen IT Services offers comprehensive and complete HR and Payroll Services through a software developed using latest technology viz .ASP .net and MSSQL database which is designed to generate, manage and look after the employee details and payroll process of medium to large-scale organizations.

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