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Outsourcing Perfected and Made Easy

With the rapid growth of the industry landscape through cutting edge innovations and concentrated competition, the core objectives of businesses lose emphasis due to the laborious, strenuous and resource intensive activities like recruitment and payroll.

An accurate and timely payroll is the backbone of any successful business. Half of an organization’s expenses lies on payroll expenses.

When payroll problems arise, the impact on your organisation can be huge – from low morale of employees, loss in productivity, not to mention the damage to your brand reputation.

Outsourcing services can, not only prove to be cost effective but also efficient, flexible and effective medium to avail the required services with less manpower and absolute expertise.

At PBS Our Cloud-based Human Resource Management system is one of the best available and it’s fully integrated with payroll. It provides core HR functionality, paperless onboarding, online benefits enrollment, applicant tracking, training/certification tracking, expense management, and more. It has an in-built Time-sheet for daily Punch in/ Punch outs.



HR Services

Human Resource Management System is essential to keep record of all the aspects of activities integral for the efficient management of a company’s workforce. From pre-screening, interviewing, shorting to hiring, working and resigning from the services and long thereafter too till their full and final settlement- complete records are maintained with the HR Professionals.

Preeminent Business Solution brings you the entire package at one place; we take care of everything from hire to retirement- compensation and benefits, payroll, global mobility, compliance, tax and much more. We strive to provide an end to end to solutions that reduces the processing cost with modernised and dependable execution.


Services includes
  • Fast and cost-efficient payroll processing
  • Occasional finance handling of On cycle and Off cycle
  • Institutionalized announcing and examination
  • Statutory compliances as PF, ESI, PT and Income Tax Act.
  • Watchword secured payslips in PDF
  • Quarterly surveys and compromises of all duties withheld
  • Venture Declaration and programmed assess counts
  • From- 16 generation...

Your Benefits

  • Decreased infrastructural Investment
  • Fully Integrated and Advance HRMS System
  • Efficiency, Accuracy and Timely payrolls
  • Speedy solution for employee enquiries over phone & chats
  • Manage levels for Employees, Managers and Leaders
  • Real time progress statuses
  • Complete responsibility takeover
  • Support your employee cycle from Hire to Retire

Our Expertise

  • Helps you to reduce Payroll cost
  • Consolidated reports and dashboards for leadership
  • Error free payroll services
  • Country to country Human Resource compliance
  • Paperless and Green- All online solutions
  • All your back office needs….Benefit accruals, Leave management and Taxation etc

How we work?

  • We have seen lot of changes in HR and Payroll industry over the last decade. Due to different Employee Benefits, Payroll Taxes and Compliances, payroll outsourcing has become a most important need of an organization to get success and focus on core businesses. We understand the need of an organization and with the help of our Cloud based HRMS system, we help you to save the time, increase efficiency, accuracy and reduce payroll cost.

Experienced in managing payroll for the India, US, Canada, UK, Australia.

Smart H2R Customised Solutions for all your Business need


We Provide Preeminent Business Sol.

Here at Preeminent Business Solutions, we understand your business priorities and know that focused and dedicated team of employees is essential for a flourishing business. Suitable workforce and keeping them happy can help grow a business leaps and bounds.

This is where we come in the picture to let your management work to get the results while we take care of your Workforce and Remuneration requirements systematically and efficiently. We offer quality and viable services.

Our Parent Company Nexcen IT Services offers comprehensive and complete HR and Payroll Services through a software developed using latest technology viz .ASP .net and MSSQL database which is designed to generate, manage and look after the employee details and payroll process of medium to large-scale organizations.


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