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What Is Benefits- What Are They?

When we talk about employee benefits, we divide it between Health and Wealth Benefits Health benefits represent the best opportunity to manage the business risk, reduce cost and empower your employees.

At PBS, our goal is to make sure that your employees are maximising the benefits for themselves and their families. They should get the best outcomes or your investments and their contributions.


Employee Benefits

Retirement benefits

Retirement benefits provide income to employees when they decide to stop working altogether at a certain age, or “retire.”

Employers may offer additional benefits to their employees based on their company philosophy and available budget.

Medical benefits

Medical benefits provide for the health and well-being of employees and their families. Medical benefits include insurance to cover medical care costs ranging from doctor and hospital costs to prescription drug costs. Some medical benefits also provide insurance to pay for dental and eye care costs.

Life insurance benefits

Life insurance benefits provide a one-time payment of money to the survivors of an employee in the event of the employee’s death. The benefit is intended to provide financial security to the survivors of the deceased employee.

Tuition reimbursement benefits

Tuition reimbursement benefits lower the cost to employees for continuing their education. The employer pays all or a portion of the cost of tuition, and other costs associated with education, should the employee pursue additional education while still working. Typically, employers only reimburse education costs related to classes or programs that will help the employee be more successful at work.


We Provide Preeminent Business Sol.

Here at Preeminent Business Solutions, we understand your business priorities and know that focused and dedicated team of employees is essential for a flourishing business. Suitable workforce and keeping them happy can help grow a business leaps and bounds.

This is where we come in the picture to let your management work to get the results while we take care of your Workforce and Remuneration requirements systematically and efficiently. We offer quality and viable services.

Our Parent Company Nexcen IT Services offers comprehensive and complete HR and Payroll Services through a software developed using latest technology viz .ASP .net and MSSQL database which is designed to generate, manage and look after the employee details and payroll process of medium to large-scale organizations.


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